Aimee Christie

Aimee Christie


Aimee has had over a decades experience as a teacher in Early Childhood in New Zealand and Scotland, followed by working as an Early Intervention Teacher for a Government Agency for over five years. Aimee has completed multiple qualifications and values continued education.  Being recognised and receiving a Linking Minds Scholarship allowed Aimee to follow her interest in bi-cultural learning and travel to Wales to learn about the importance this has in relation to the successful development of all children. Aimee’s areas of interest include atypically developing children, bi-cultural practices, the relationship between children and nature and simplicity parenting.

The most rewarding part of the job for Aimee is seeing the positive developmental changes in children and how this impacts on the whole family. Aimee is married with four children and loves the great outdoors.


Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Diploma in Child Protection Studies
Post Graduate Degree in Early Intervention

“I first approached Aimee for some help and advice for my 4 year old son when his one and only sibling passed away. They were extremely close and my son loved her to bits. Aimee advised to keep him fully involved in all the plans we were making, for people not only visiting our home but also the funeral preparations. She gave us some amazing literature to read with our son to explain death on a child’s level so he could understand it a bit better. Aimee also said that we try and answer all of his questions as best as we can no matter how difficult they were to us at that time. Aimee was available at anytime for me to reach out to for help she was so helpful to our family and we will be forever grateful.”